Thursday, 23 September 2010

Grass, Grass, Everywhere

Accept for where you want it that is!
A return to Kansas brought more removal of unwanted grass from below the bird feeders, this time at the back of the garden. I like this garden as it's totally surrounded by greenery but, and I never thought I'd here myself say this, I miss the pigeons! Eh? I hear you say, but let me clarify. Most of the time I think feral pigeons are nasty, dirty things but what I've realised working in Kansas is, they're exceptionally good at cleaning up all the bird seed and bits of fat ball the smaller birds manage to flick all over the place. We have pigeons scrabbling around under our feeders at home all the time (occasionally balancing precariously on them and flapping wildly about too - very funny) and it's only just occurred to me how useful they are - we have very little debris or grass.
Obviously some smaller birds are ground feeders, but I think it's due mainly to the lowly feral pigeon and surely it's got to be a better way of living than risking life and limb in the middle of the road eating squashed burgers and cold rice?

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