Friday, 10 September 2010

Not In Kansas Any More!

Toto the Yorkie (Toto, Kansas - geddit?) and friend of the ever resourceful Wendel lives with Chester the ginger tom, 3 other cats & 2 guinea pigs and stands guard over a great garden around the corner. The provider for this menagerie and owner of said garden had a number of tasks ready and waiting for me including weeding flower beds, which had a couple of inches of bird seed encrusted over them and subsequently some very long and lush grass to remove, planting some lavender, phlox and bulbs, digging up and potting a magnolia, putting in some plastic edging, pruning back a rose, trimming the buxus back into shape and mowing the lawn - phew!
The pictures show the flower bed with the grass seed coating before and after. You can see where I've cleared and planted the lavender and the bright pink phlox. I discovered the lovely metal climber frame at the back of the flower bed.
Will be going back in a couple of weeks to tackle another grass ridden section of the garden and am really happy that I now have a few gardens that I can invest some real time and energy in as opposed to just fire-fighting every 6 months or so.

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