Monday, 25 July 2011

Yukky People, Nice Life

Boy, life's been going at breakneck speed of late hasn't it? Ever since the rain hit signaling the end of the dry spell I've been digging, hoeing and pruning for England. My hands are like horn and I'm constantly crusted in mud and dirt!
Talking of dirt, why are people so disgusting? I've spent the last hour sifting through prunings removing rubbish - well cellophane cigarette packets and sweet wrappers to be exact. Why can't people put their rubbish in their pockets/a bin rather than throw it into someone's garden? Honestly it makes me so angry. Grrrrr!
Having said this I wouldn't change my job for the world. I found myself going into a very Zen-like place today and thinking about our endless quest for happiness. Maybe it's the constant seeking for bigger and better that's actually the problem. I am happy and I almost feel as though I have to justify or explain why. It's not as if I've just owned up to a crime and need to justify my actions. Why is it that we can't just sit still and be pleased with what we have and if we are fortunate enough to be able to should we have to defend the position?
I have an amazing partner, a loving family, some brilliant friends and do a job that I'm passionate about so why shouldn't I be happy? Maybe this is my destiny, not stardom or riches beyond compare and what's wrong with that? I'll not swap this for all the tea in China!
Ooh, maybe too much time on my own - waddya think?