Monday, 17 January 2011

Happy New Year Admiral!

And to the rest of you too. The New Year sees me using my sewing skills (not much call for the old
gardening skills at the moment), which are being put to good use on The HMS Belfast.
As part of the interaction team we have access to several items of equipment and costume that members of the public can use/try on to reinforce and enhance their experience on board. It's really popular with kids of all ages - everyone seems to love a uniform and if I had a pound for every photo taken in said uniforms I'd be a very wealthy woman indeed! There is one drawback however and that is items such as the Admiral's cap, which is 70-odd
years old, suffer a bit with constant handling (heading??) and occasionally need some TLC.
So, here I am writing up my latest RHS assignment and sewing the lining back into the Admiral's cap in between - ooh a woman's work is never done! This Thursday I'll pop a needle & thread in my pannier to sew the epaulets back on to the Commodores coat and try and track down the sailors bib that's gone missing from the props cupboard - always something to keep me on my toes, but it's good to be useful.