Friday, 3 September 2010

Wendel In The Window

Last month I put my flyer in a couple of news agents' windows to try and drum up some business and fortunately for me it brought me Wendel (a beautiful tabby & white kitten), his lovely owner and a garden to well and truly get my teeth into. It took me a whole day, but thirteen waste bags, two bundles of branches, a cuppa and a few cuts and bruises later, what was an overgrown wilderness is now a tidy little front garden - lovely! I just hope those ginormous Hebes come back again. Hopefully they should as there were signs of new growth at ground level, so fingers crossed for spring.
With Wendle chasing the tops of branches as they passed the window I hacked and slashed my way through encroaching Jasmine, rampant Honeysuckle, carrier bags, beer cans and miscellaneous sweet wrappers to discovered that what I thought was an earthed area was in fact concrete with a few shaped flower beds that used to contain roses. The roses have succumbed under the pressure of the Hebes and the lack of light but thankfully Wendle and his owner are happy to replant with some shrubs from the back garden containing some beautiful plants and grapevines and which I'm going to tackle over the coming months.
Wendle is so pleased he's going to recommend me to some of his friends and their owners - bless that lil' puss!

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