Thursday, 23 September 2010

Return To The Land Of Raspberry

Back to work today and back to the Rasberry garden, this time to tackle an overgrown pond and a weedy (full of weeds not weak and feeble) flowerbed. It rained all day, which is great for loosening up the soil, but not so good for the poor gardener. Luckily I've got a rather good waterproof and a barber cap, so complete with wellies I looked a right old treat, but at least I was dry(ish) and was able to get stuck in. I also managed to dig over the veg patch, removing the wild, self-seeding rocket and sweep the paths, so all good. I love this client as she's obviously been gardening for years and knows far more than I do, although I was a tad concerned when she saw the pond and commented that I'd been a lot more brutal that she would've been - eek! Apparently that was a good thing though so phew!

Surely not that brutal???


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