Tuesday, 7 August 2012


 I have 2 regular weekly slots on Monday morning and one open slot in the afternoon for what I call the irregular regulars, the one-offs or as is sometimes know, the early finish (rare but lovely).
Job 1 is the garden of Mr Tidy Up, the north facing back garden of a double-fronted Victorian property.  Each week is different and can be as simple as mowing the lawn (the best that I do as it's really well maintained and virtually weed free - a miracle!) to digging out spent shrubs and trees ready for replanting.  This garden really inspires me with its varied planting and constant renewal to the point where I'm now planning a mini re-vamp at home and am no longer scared to death of moving things if I make a mistake or it's just not a happy plant.
Mr Tidy Up produces the most amazing compost in 2 open bins off to one side of the garden and has given me some of his precious worms for our stubborn pile of leavings and I have to admit that they seems to be doing the job - the level of our bin's dropped at least 6" (15cm in new money) in the last 3 months and we may see some compost at long last!
Job 2 is the House of Raspberries, another north facing back garden belonging to a double-fronted Victorian house (there are lots of these around as I live and work in a conservation area).  I really like the House of Raspberries' garden and have learned an awful lot about plants from the owner as well as being the recipient of a huge rhubarb crown (divided many times and distributed at the allotment) and. . . yes, you guessed it, raspberry canes!  The majority of which were planted at home so unlike the ones at the allotment, have flourished and we've been eating fresh raspberries with our breakfast for the last couple of months.
I can't take any credit for the layout of this lovely garden with pond, only for some of the planting in the new herbaceous border (top left) and for attempting to keep it weed free.  I also work on the front garden too, but again it's really only maintenance, taking instruction and learning tons of stuff!
Job 3 - I did have a slot booked for this one (a new client whom I see every 3 weeks or so to help with the weeding and lawn) but unfortunately being the numpty that I am I forgot to take a photo - duh!

Saturday, 4 August 2012

What Is It You Do Again?

I'm very aware that I haven't actually been blogging about work much of late.  This is partly due to the weather (sorry I was determined not to mention it again) making life a bit miserable and partly because I 'm soooo easily distracted by absolutely everything.
So, in an effort to put things back on track, next week I'll be photographing and commenting on my working week - hopefully it won't bore you to death and will go some way to explain why my blogging's a bit sporadic depending on how busy my week is and how much energy I have left at the end of it!