Wednesday, 23 February 2011

It All Starts With A Good Tidy Up

Sometimes you can glance at a garden and know exactly how you'd like it to look, at other times ideas come to you as you're working and that's how it is at Jack-Jack's.
There are some lovely pieces in this garden but they aren't necessarily being displayed to best effect. Take the lovely Victorian urn for instance. This was on the lawn beside the shed and didn't really make an impact. Moving it back into the centre of the flowerbed and allowing the shrubs to form a natural frame gives this area much more impact as well as adding height to the flowerbed. The pedestal contains an ice plant and is surrounded at ground level by strawberry plants and once it's been planted up with some lovely hanging varieties such as ivy and lobelia it will be a real focal point. The bed is edged with michaelmus daisies to the right providing a natural division between the flowerbed and the composting area under the tree, which will be planted with shade loving forest plants with a path to the new compost bin in the summer.
I also moved a couple of small buxus plants to sit either side of the shed to soften the effect of the wood and am working my way around the garden finding little gems all the way. Next visit we tackle some lovely antique chimney pots and some rather forlorn Australis - can't wait!

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  1. Well done Hun it looks alot better. I have one question - what happened to the guinea pigs??