Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Gardener Doolittle Does It Again!

The local pet network has been working for me again, this time via Jack-Jack the guinea pig, whose family are new clients this week. This is a mature garden belonging to a busy family and just needs some TLC over the next few months to bring it back to life.
When I heard the phrase "we'd like more plants" I knew I was going to enjoy working in this space, but the first step is practical as opposed to cosmetic - weeding, deciding what's going to be kept, and general tidying up to see what we've got before deciding on new planting.
There are some lovely plants already in this garden including a mature passion flower growing over the frame of a dead cherry tree, which looks decorative now but will be spectacular in the summer. I'm looking forward to my next visit and to discovering other surprises are in store.
The garden's at the back of the house and therefore north-east facing, which means it's fairly shady (except in high summer) and quite damp so planting the new planting will involve woodland and shade loving species, keeping the garden natural looking which the owners prefer anyway.
One thing I won't have to worry too much about is weeds in the lawn as dandelions are Jack-Jack's favourite snack apparently - go Jack-Jack!

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