Monday, 28 February 2011

50p Nightmare

Sometimes what seems like a bargain can end up being the bane of your life - no, not those shoes you bought on impulse last week, but in this instance a small pot of seemingly harmless periwinkle.
The owner of the cat in the primroses had enough of this usurper this week and asked me to get rid of it once and for all. She's not the first person to grow tired of this pretty little plant - my sister-in-law (who loves all things green and flowery) has been known to sigh loudly that she wished she'd never planted it!
Periwinkle is usually used for ground cover as it has evergreen foliage, is dense enough to smother most weeds and will happily tolerate poor soil and partial shade. In fact, in some parts of North America it is classified as an invasive species. It has simple purple or white flowers and will produce new plants along the root length.
I dug up as much of the greenery and root system as I could but have a sneaking suspicion that this job is far from over and we'll be seeing periwinkle sprouting for some time to come. C'est la vie. . .

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