Sunday, 20 February 2011

All Decoration and No Veg!

Ooh, actually this is a big fat fib! We've got garlic, onions and rhubarb on the go at the moment, but it does feel like we've been doing an awful lot of construction work and very little growing. This is what happens when you take on a neglected plot and when you're married to me. I start out with a picture in my mind and have to have everything just so before I can even think about the planting so it doesn't help in getting things going.
Mind you, in my defence we have had to spend best part of a year getting our plot under control and at a stage where we can think about planting. We now have a plan as to which bed will contain what veg and it's just a question of waiting for the right time of year. The propagators are out, washed and ready, so all we need now is the spring please!
In the meantime we've been thinking about water collection - the allotment doesn't have access to running water so collection and storage are always a priority and why B (better known as the headless builder) can be seen at the top of a set of steps putting a roof on the gateway she built before Christmas. The idea is to channel water off the roof and into the water butt. It's all very exciting and the only thing we (that means B) have to do now is attach the guttering and make it all pretty (me).
While B was busy with the water gate I, in an attempt not to interfere, was occupying myself with weeding and sowing grass seed. It's really too early to sow grass but as the mice have been at the packet and we had nothing else to store it in, I thought it better to try and sow it - or in other words spread it about for the birds to eat! I also dug a flower bed beside the Nissan and planted a climbing rose. We've already got a wild one and thought it'd be nice to be surrounded by them. The existing one's pink and we now have a yellow, a white and a red. The red one will be for over the water gate as a warning to all those that dare enter.

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