Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Strimmer Action

That's strimmer with an 'm' not a 'p' for those of you who may have got the wrong end of the stick and thought this was a very different kind of blog - alas no, this blog's all green not blue.
Where was I? Oh yes, strimmers. Got a battery operated one at the weekend and it makes life so, so, soo much easier. No more hand edging with the shears for me, I'm up with the technology now and think that my eco conscience is salved by the fact that it's not petrol driven.
It definitely came in handy when I visited Mr 122 this morning after almost a month. If I'm honest I was totally depressed when I saw the front lawn was still more dandelion that grass, but I cut it down and dug them out again and will keep at it for the next few months and see what happens. I'll win this battle or die trying (tad too dramatic?). I was, however, much heartened by the back lawn which is most definitely more grass than weeds now with ne'er a sign of the bald patches. I think the difference is that the back lawn has been watered regularly whereas the front one hasn't and the grass seed didn't taken as well as it could have. Mr 122 has promised he'll "make it his mission" to water more often and we shall await the outcome. I know some gardeners think that grass shouldn't be watered too often but I think in this instance it's necessary. I also now have a regular two week mowing session booked in on Tuesdays, so that should help keep things under control.

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