Thursday, 2 December 2010

Snow Ahoy!

Tuesday it started snowing and it was a tad chilly on the HMS Belfast today, although the view over the gun turrets from the Compass Platform was very atmospheric - I can imagine what it was like when the ship was part of the Arctic convoys in 1943.
One crew member recounts that he would've been swept overboard during a storm if it hadn't been for the fact that his hand was frozen to a turret door!
Fortunately for me it wasn't that cold on the Compass Platform, but our newest recruit was sitting in the Captain's chair with the duffel coat wrapped around her legs at one stage this morning. Not to worry, I'm sure she'll toughen up.
Apart from the brave one or two visitors (including a lovely economic historian from NZ) the cold snap managed to keep most folk at home/in hotels so the 'Chief' (Chief Yeoman) sent us home just after lunch, which I think our newbie was quite relieved about.

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