Monday, 16 August 2010

There's A Garden In There Somewhere

Today I went to rescue a neglected back garden in Stratford. The flat was a rental and responsibility for the upkeep of the garden was with the tenants, a lovely couple with a cute 15 month old daughter, who obviously didn't have the time for weeding and pruning.
Unfortunately I didn't take my camera and it was only when the hubby of the family saw me trying to take a photo of the finished article on my phone that he kindly offered to take a some shots and email them through to me - how sweet was that?!
The garden was overrun with weeds, convovulus and some out of control shrubs to the point where the bindweed had suffocated the roses and anemones against the back wall and was growing merrily through the tops of the trees and bushes and across the gravel. All very messy and nasty! Anyway it took most of the day, but I managed to reclaim the gravel (re-discovering the stepping stones and water feature in the process) and reshape some of the shrubs into submission, so all-in-all a good days work. A lovely thank you note was attached to the email too, which is always welcome as are choccies or baked food stuffs - just so you know!

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