Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Bird Boxes and Fence Posts

Today was my first day as a volunteer for the London Wildlife Trust working on the Greenway at the Olympic site in Stratford. As a resident of Newham and a regular user of the Greenway as a cycle route I wanted to do something to improve and upkeep all the good work that's going on in the lead up to 2012, so when a request for volunteers came through via my allotment association I decided to give it a go.
The Trust host corporate charity days as part of their volunteer programme and the morning was spent supervising the building of bird and bat boxes for putting up along the Greenway. Other activities included rubbish collection and graffiti removal, so I'm glad I got the bird box shift as that was much more fun. Ironically the corporate team were working for London 2012 and it was great fun watching people constructing their boxes - you really get an idea of people's personalities by the way they tackle the job.
The afternoon was spent at the View Tube site removing the protective fences around wild flower plantings and pruning back wild rape. I'd like to meet whoever put those fence posts in and give him a severe talking to - it took my colleague Steve and I some serious pushing, shoving, levering and dramatic grunting to shift the buggers, roll them up and hoist them into storage. I was totally knackered by the end of the day and mounted Marjorie the bicycle with seriously wobbly legs. Luckily Marjorie knows the way home (back along the now sparklingly clean Greenway) so minimal effort was needed on my part - ta Marjie luv!

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