Monday, 8 March 2010

Ministry of Food Exhibition @The IWM

It's my birthday today and B took me to see the Ministry of Food exhibition at the Imperial War Museum as a birthday treat. It was a really well thought out exhibition that focused on the 'Kitchen Front' and the efforts of housewives to provide interesting and nutritious meals during rationing. The bonus was we were allowed to take photos, which we did with a vengeance - all good research for the business. Bought a copy of the exhibition guide/recipe book by Jane Fearnley-Whittingsall, which apart from updated versions of original recipes, contains some lovely illustrations and original artwork (ISBN 978 1 444 70035 0). It really reinforced my belief that growing your own food is the way to go and that teaching and encouraging people to do this (in whatever form they can) is what I ultimately want to do.
The IWM is probably the only place I don't look out of place in my 40's land girl inspired outfits. When we had afternoon tea and cake in the cafe (very English) we saw a guy dressed in a navy blue boiler suite carrying a tin hat and gas mask. We assumed he was staff, but maybe he was just a kindred spirit. Hmmm. . .

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