Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Wendel & The Builders

Another lovely day in the sunshine in one of my favourite gardens. Today Wendel was in full swing, literally - climbing trees, chasing next doors' cat and apparently, although I wasn't brave enough to go and look, bringing home dead squirrels - euuw Wendel!
I spent most of this weeks visit collecting empty, dead or overgrown pots from the garden and depositing them by the shed for later sorting. I also replanted this lovely ornamental, which I think is a variety of willow, to a more spacious place in the flowerbed, where I hope it'll be much happier.
By this time Wendel was distracted from hunting by the arrival of Terry and Ray, the builders who are repairing the leaky conservatory roof. We all work locally and bump into each other a lot and it was good to have some non-feline company for a change.
The garden is in need of some spring pruning which I'm hoping to get stuck into next week. Then I need to get back to clearing, laying paths, revamping the lawn and tidying the herb border - no pressure!
Sewing update: apron skirts finished. Waistbands are still non-existent however. Eek!

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