Friday, 9 July 2010

This Week's Plant From The Garden - Euphorbia(?)

This busy little plant (better known as Spurge) was given to me as a cutting by an ex-work colleague who had no idea what it was, and to be honest I'm still unsure myself. I think it's some kind of Euphorbia only because of the way that the bracts and flowers form, although I could be very wrong! If you know what it is for sure, please let me know.
Family: Euphorbiaceae
Position: Any - it's quite versatile.
Flowers: Spring/summer - small bright green bracts surrounding small yellow flowers.
Dimensions: 20cm high and free spreading.
Habit: Evergreen with fluffy semi-succulent, dark green, soft spiky leaves on red stems. Spreads freely via adventigous roots. Will dig out easily if it encroaches anywhere it's not wanted. It's a bit sneaky so you have to keep a look out for it.
Care: I just leave it be as apart from wandering off it's really low maintenance.
Pruning: None - just remove it from where it's not supposed to be.
Propagation: Division in early spring, cuttings in summer or autumn & seeds in autumn or spring. So, anything that takes your fancy really - it's nothing but versatile.
Distribution: Europe & Southern Europe, Asia and Mexico, dependent on variety. All over the shop - quite literally!
WARNING: Again this plant produces sap when broken or cut, so please wear gloves when handling, just in case.
As I'm not totally sure what this little bugger really is, the above only a guide to what I've been doing (or not doing in this instance) with it.

Bold/italics = what the books say
Everything else = my take on things

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