Friday, 2 July 2010

This Week's Plant From The Garden - Arenaria

Arenaria Montana to be precise - commonly known as Sandwort, Mountain Sandwort or Mountain Daisy depending on which source material you're using. B chose this one on a trip to Notcutts with my folks, who are regular visitors now that they have their first garden. My father's rebuilt his shed from top to bottom and is very proud of his plot while mum is an ace at snail disposal (that one deserves an entry all its own).
We bought several little border plants for ground cover of which this is the most prolific, producing lots of lovely white flowers and has got the RHS Award of Garden Merit for its efforts.
Family: Caryophyllaceae (Kario-fie-la-kye ???)
Position: Sun or partial shade.
Flowers: Spring - Summer.
Dimensions: 5cm high by 12cm wide
Habit: Hardy evergreen perennial herb. Cushion of leaves and masses of lovely white flowers.
Care: Moist sandy soils. But does really well in our border, which isn't sandy but is quite fine in places, although apt to turn quite hard on the surface if not regularly hoed.
Pruning: Not required.
Propagation: Division or soft wood cuttings in early summer of seed in autumn or spring. I leave mine to self-seed.
Ditribution: South West Europe.

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