Monday, 30 May 2011

Sunny Side Up

I've had a really good week this week - some of my favourite clients old and new and have spent today in Whistable, eating the best chips I've ever had and purchasing bargains (see photo of BBQ bucket £12 and milk delivery carrier £29 - empty gin bottle all my own work). So, it doesn't seem quite right to have a "little whine and a moan" but I'm gonna, well kind of anyway.
Things I don't like about my job (or, why you should wear gloves at all times):
1. Cat poo.
2. Cat sick (I know, gross but not unheard of lurking in shrubberies).
3. Cat wee.
4. Any other non-vegetable squidgy stuff (inc crushed snails, spliced worms, frogs and toads).
5. Glass, rusty nails and other miscellaneous building/DIY materials.
6. Plastic, especially blue nylon string (I know it seemed like a good idea at the time but really?).
7. Fat balls - those that are left to coat the ground creating a gloopy mess and a stink that sticks.
8. Being intimidated by a tortoise (don't ask - it just followed me around everywhere!).
9. Bindweed - need I say more?
10. (Don't shoot me for this one) Dry, hot, rain-free springs - it's bloody dusty out there, which means sneezing, coughing and extra deep facial cleansing when I'm about fit to drop at the end of the day.
OK, so, as anyone who knows me will tell you I am probably the most annoyingly optimistic creature you'll ever meet. With this in mind it's impossible for me to leave you on a low. So.
Things I love about my job:
1. The people I encounter on a daily basis when I'm hefting my shopping trolley full of gear around the streets of Newham. Always a friendly word and an offer of help when I've scavenged an over-large chair frame for the allotment.
2. Being followed around the garden by a hungry Robin for 2hrs.
3. Seeing/hearing that Robin swallow a beak full of grubs and sing his heart out - does it get any better?
4. Timely cups of tea - keep them coming please folks.
5. Spring showers & summer rain storms.
6. Being asked to help judge the local front garden competition - how grown up and professional is that? Yay!
7. Everything else that isn't on the first list.

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