Tuesday, 16 November 2010

I Was Lovely Once You Know

OK, I am about to have a little rant, so if you're not not in the mood to listen to me moan, please don't read any more.
I work for a local estate agent, going in to rented accommodation to maintain or clear gardens on behalf of the tenants and landlords, which whilst providing a good source of income, in this instance has teed me off completely! The tenant asked the landlord to clear the garden, which is fair enough considering the state it was in, but when I got there she was quite insistent that I chop everything down or take it out which is wrong on several levels.
1. Why rent a flat with a garden if you're not interested?
2. It's the wrong time of year to prune most things (which you'd know if you liked plants - duh!).
3. It's not actually your garden, is it?!
Sorry, I just get very frustrated when I salvage what was once a well loved and attractive garden under the weeds and know, with sinking heart, that it's all in vain and will it'll be back the way I found it in a matter of weeks.
Anyhoo, I left a list of appropriate weed killers for the patio/paths and grass with strict instructions not to use them on the raised beds. Not sure what the chances are for this garden, but I am, if nothing else, an optimistic soul!

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