Friday, 30 April 2010

Buxus Balls

No, not an upmarket insult, just hedging. Spent the day hand trimming about 8 or 9 of the little devils for a friend of a friend with a rather nice roof terrace in SW7 (a bit like the pic on the left actually). This will hopefully be a regular slot which involves a bit of a schlep on the tube with all my kit in a shopping basket on wheels (well, when I get one that is - at the mo' it's one of those rather attractive blue Ikea bags - classy!), but a lovely job when I get to it. The roof garden is all pots and large pebbles with a little pond, which is really cool. I didn't enjoy pulling up the mind-your-own-business much though. It brought up most of the pebbles with it as the roots had grown around and absorbed them. I made myself feel a bit queasy removing the stones from the roots as the image of popping eggs out of an alien's stomach with my thumb wouldn't go away - yeuch!
Box is traditionally pruned back on Derby Day, all well and good if it's the annual haircut for your hedge, but not so good if you need to trim your spheres. . . Anyway I did some research and you can trim them at any time as long as it's not in direct sunlight, which is great as today was mostly overcast (that isn't a picture of me by the way - I'm not that clever with a camera or a set of shears). Haven't heard any anguished screams from South West London so assume the buxus balls are up to standard.

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